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Meiji Wood Kannon Bosatsu Antique Japanese Join Block Wood Buddha

Kannon Bosatsu 観音

Royal Ease Posture

Signed, Circa: 1854-1921, Meiji Period
H 16.5 in.(42cm), W 8.5 in.(22cm), D 7 in.(18cm)
Aged good condition!
A resplendent Kannon Bosatsu, the embodiment of compassion. Gilded in gold on rich black lacquered over a joined blocks wood core, detailed with precious stone urna and glass-eyes, this elegant Meiji period Kannon Bosatsu is both noble and austere. She is seated in royal ease, left hand resting on her knee is displaying a charity gesture, with a lotus once held in her right hand is now missing; her eyes downcast in serene meditation, extended eyebrows and hair arranged in protruding head-dress, the Buddha has delicate features, it has an impression of a magnificent gold sculpture more than an antique wood carving that exceeds a hundred years old. In style, the graceful form of the statue alludes to the geometrical equilibrium in traditional Japanese design. Judging from the unique footing design on the pedestal, tarnished gold and gilt loss, and a couple of hairlines split between the joined sections due to time-related wood shrinkage, this fine Kannon statue is attributed to the late Meiji eras in the late 19th century.

Private Collection
Meiji Wood Kannon Bosatsu
Meiji Wood Kannon Bosatsu
Kannon Bosatsu back view
Meiji Kannon Bosatsu back view
Kannon Bosatsu
joined blocks Meiji Kannon Bosatsu
Kannon Buddha Face

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