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Edo Manju Astray Netsuke Sagemono
Edo Sagemono Set
Manju Ashtray Netsuke

Gilt Bronze Dragon Kagamibuta Netsuke
Gilt Bronze Dragon Kagamibuta
Netsuke Silk Pouch Sagemono

Tako Wood Kiseru
Tako Kiseru
Japanese Octopus Pipe Case


Kagamibuta Manju
Medicine Man
Kagamibuta Manju Netsuke

Ivory Manju Netsuke
Original Round Form
Antique Manju Netsuke

Hillside Kagamibuta Netsuke
Hillside Hermitage
Antler Kagamibuta Manju

Rakan Horn Manju Netsuke
Shinto Priest Rising Sun
Carved Horn Manju Netsuke


Samurai Horn Manju Tonkotsu
Samurai Horn Manju
Netsuke Kiseru Tonkotsu

Lotus Seat Manju
Chrysanthemum Seat
Antique Manju Netsuke

Dragon Manju
Imperial Dragon
Antique Manju Netsuke

Tori Rooster Manju
Antique Manju Netsuke


How can I know the difference between an authentic piece and a commercial item?
The challenge for the collector here is to recognize a commercial product as compared to a work of art created by a serious contemporary netsuke artist in Japan or abroad. Artistic intuition can recognize artistic excellence; education and experience complete the training. True netsuke were made during the 17th-19th centuries. Their motifs, styles and execution were purely congruent and contemporaneous with the culture from which they emerged. Some of the criteria such as skill in carving, originality of conception, completeness of finish, are quantifiable; other factors such as depth of feeling, humor, inherent esthetic excellence and philosophical implication are less measurable but are surely deeply felt. The inescapable tendency of expression that an era impresses upon its artists is an unarguable factor in determining authenticity, but what is most strongly felt in contemporary copies is that the creative spirit is missing, for nowhere to be seen is the originality, the fineness and subtlety of the tradition of authentic netsuke.

What is the single most important factor in evaluating netsuke?
The ultimate criterion is craftsmanship, artistry, and beauty. The basic elements of design, composition , balance and contrast must be present and must be grounded in fine workmanship. Even a common subject may be regarded as rare by virtue of original treatment and brilliant craftsmanship.



  ______________ Netsuke Sold To Private Collection _____________ 

Dragon Ivory Manju Netsuke
Dragon Ashtray SOLD!
Large Manju Netsuke

Wind God Fujin Manju Netsuke
Wind God Fujin SOLD!
Ashtray Manju Netsuke

Samurai Silver Manju Netsuke
Samurai Manju SOLD!
Silver Bronze Netsuke

Kiku Ivory Manju Netsuke
Chrysanthemum SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke


Samurai Manju Netsuke
Samurai Prayer Manju SOLD!
Netsuke by Gyokushi

Ivory Manju Netsuke
Gilded Kagamibuta SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke

Samurai Kagamibuta
Samurai Kagamibuta SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke

Wheel Spoke Kagamibuta
Buddhist Wheel Spoke SOLD!
Unsigned Kagamibuta Netsuke


Fine Antler Kiseru
Floral Kiseru SOLD!
Antler Pipe Case

Lion Shogun Manju
Lion Shogun SOLD!
Antique Manju Netsuke

Rosei's Dream Manju
Rosei's Dream SOLD!
Manju Netsuke by Kosai

Tanuki Pipe Case Tonkotsu
Tanuki and Tiger SOLD!
Burl Wood Pipe Case Set


Kinko Sennin Ryusa Manju
Kinko Sennin Ryusa SOLD!
Unsigned Manju Netsuke

Lotus Kagamibuta Netsuke
Lotus Kagamibuta SOLD!
Bronze Manju Netsuke


Rakan Horn Manju Netsuke
Rakan Manju SOLD!
Ox Horn Netsuke

Oval Lotus Flower Manju
Lotus Seat SOLD!
Manju Netsuke

Samurai Kagamibuta Netsuke
Cherry Blossom Samurai
Kagamibuta Netsuke SOLD!

Fukurokuju Manju Netsuke
Fukurokuju SOLD!
Squar Manju Netsuke


Lucky Gods Kiseruzutsu
Seven Lucky Gods SOLD!
Antler Pipe Case

Shoki Manju Netsuke
Ghost Hunter Shoki SOLD!
Antique Manju Netsuke

Kiku Kagamibuta Netsuke
Floral Kagamibuta SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke

Shoki Oni Kiseru
Shoki and Oni SOLD!
Stag Antler Kiseru


Samurai Boshido Manju
Samurai Boshido SOLD!
Manju Netsuke

Chrysanthemum Kagamibuta Netsuke
Chrysanthemum Kagamibuta
Signed Masakawa, SOLD!


Samurai Mon Manju Netsuke
Floral Manju SOLD!
19th Century Japanese

Antique Baku Kiseru
Baku Pipe Case SOLD!
Kiseru Sagemono

Rectangular Dragon Manju
Dragon Manju SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke


Sumi Samurai Manju Netsuke
Bold Cut Samurai SOLD!
Manju Netsuke

Zen Priest Original Manju
Sumi Zen Figure SOLD!
Manju Netsuke


ashinaga kiseruzutsu
Ashinaga Kiseruzu SOLD!
Sagemono by Issai

Monkey Netsuke Inro
Monkey Inro SOLD!
Ojimi and Manju Netsuke

Manju Ashtray Netsuke
Manju Ashtray SOLD!
Horn Pipe Case

Ox Tonkotsu
Ox Tonkotsu Set SOLD!
Netsuke, Ojimi, Kiseru


Elephant Netsuke Inro
Elephant Netsuke SOLD!
Snake Catcher Inro

Antler Netsuke Frog Tonkotsu
Frog Tonkotsu SOLD!
Unsigned Antler Netsuke


Adaptive Hilt Netsuke
Mice Hilt Charm SOLD!
Adaptive Netsuke

Floral Ryusa
Floral Ryusa SOLD!
Netsuke by Gyokushi

Square Manju
Original Manju SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke

Horn Mokugyo Netsuke
Mokugyo SOLD!
Ox Horn Netsuke


Humming Bird Antler Tsutsu
Humming Bird SOLD!
Stag Antler Kiseru

Boatman Manju
Boatman Manju SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke

chrysanthemum manju
Chrysanthemum SOLD!
Signed Manju Netsuke

Samurai Antler Kiseru
Samurai Pipe Case SOLD!
Kiseru Sagemono


Saki Seller Manju
Saki Seller SOLD!
Unsigned Manju

Dragon Manju
Frolicking Dragon SOLD!
Unsigned Manju


Bamboo Shoot Sagemono
Bamboo Shoot SOLD!
Antique Inro Sagemono

Three Immortals Antler Kiseruzutsu
Three Immortals SOLD!
Antler Kiseruzutsu by Ranshi

Antler Seashells Netsuke
Seashells Manju, SOLD!
Unsigned Inro Netsuke


Manju Slice Horn Inro
Manju Netsuke SOLD!
Horn Inro Set

Lacquer Kiseruzutsu Sagemono
Kiseruzutsu Set SOLD!
Horn, Gilt Bronze

Paper Crane Manju
Paper Crane Manju SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke

Horn Press Kiseru
Lion Tonkotsu SOLD!
Kiseru Tobako Ire

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