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longgui dragonturtle
Antique Chinese Hard Stone Carving

Dragon Turtle

Feng Shui Lucky Charm

Origin: China. Circa: Early Republics
H 6 in.(15 cm), W 9.5 in.(24cm), D 4 in.(10 cm)
Condition: very good!

Longgui Dragon Turtle

Private Collection

Raising its dragon head in a ferocious howling gesture, this turtle has sharply curved fangs and the sage’s beard. The poignant carving conveys the play and transmogrification of forms between the turtle and dragon, two of the four celestial magical beasts in Chinese mythology. The carving is beautifully aged, warm and tactile that feels silken to the touch. With three baby turtles playing with rows of coins on her back, her legendary supernatural power is highly venerated in Feng Shui. To place the Dragon Turtle (Longgui) facing the south window is believed to promote longevity, success, wealth and fertility.
Stone Longgui Dragon Turtle
Stone Longgui
Hard Stone Dragon Turtle
Longgui Dragon Turtle

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