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Heavenly King Rosewood Statue Antique Huanghuali Rosewood Statue

Heavenly King

Guardian of Four Direction

Origin: China. Circa: Early 1900s'
H 19.7 in.(50cm), W 7 in.(18cm), D 16.5 in.(28cm)
Condition: Missing whip and minor splits.
The Heavenly Guardians, Deva Kings (Sanskrit: Lokapala) are the protectors of the four directions. Traditionally they are worshipped as protectors of Buddhist sanctuaries, and are seen at the entrances to temples against evil sprits.

This impressively striking Heavenly King with flaring full beard is tentatively identified as Mo Li Shou, Guardian of the North. Elaborately carved, Here the face of the Guardian is sublimely placid, he is adorned with several taotie masks over his waistband and shoes, cloaked in long robes, dressed in full array of traditional warrior armor, and stands in an impassive advancing posture, with one foot forward and a raised right fist that once held a whip. The dense rosewood statue is highly polished to a shine, which appeared to have a few age related minor splits. Overall it is remaining in very good condition.

Estimated Value $800
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Deva King rt
Deva King lt
Rosewood Lokapala
Rosewood Lokapala back
Deva King Lokapala close-up

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