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Antique Chinese Wood Buddha
Seated on Three Legged Frog

Origin: China. Circa: 19th Century
H 8 in.(20cm), W 3.75 in.(9.5cm), D 2.75 in.(7cm)
Condition: excellent!


Lui Hai Buddha

Sold To Private Collection

Three Legged Frog

In Chinese mythology and Taoist practice the Three-Legged Toad brings tremendous good fortune and luck. Liu Hai, a 10th century AD Minister of the State and adept Taoist magic practitioner was the owner of a fabulous three-legged toad who was said to be able to whisk his owner to any destination. (Ethno pharmacy has revealed that some of these bufo-toxins found in toads are indeed quite transformative: ranging from highly potent painkillers to hallucinogens). Lu Hai would occasionally loose his toad down deep wells, the toad however, could always be lured back with a string of gold coins.

Carved of wood and burnished with thick gold and cinnabar-red chromatics, this 19th century Chinese wood-carving is a magnificent piece. The toad is prodigious with distinctive humps that make for a wonderful texture. Liu Hai is depicted with the features of a joyous Taoist sage: a laughing countenance, a full round belly, a domed head with long flowing hair in the back, a graceful stance and fluidly rendered robes. His right hand rests on the toad's forehead calming, taming and entraining its powers. In his left hand had is a single gold coin. The toad and the magician together are in movement: through galaxies, cosmos and worlds, into the past or future? Who knows exactly where they roam for it is indeed in the realm of the imagination that this Taoist Magician chooses to ride his most magnificent steed. (SD)

Lui Hai Three Legged Frog rt Lui Hai Three Legged Frog lt
Lui Hai Three Legged Frog frontLui Hai Three Legged Frog back
Lui Hai Three Legged Frog bottom
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