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Kutani Shisa Antique Japanese Ceramic Porcelain Guardian Lion Okimono Statue 九谷焼獅子
Antique Japanese Kutani Porcelain Okimono

Red Shishi Lion 九谷焼獅子

Plays Ball

Circa: Mid Showa period, 1960s’
H 9 in. (23cm) x W 8 in. (20cm), D 7 in. (17.5cm))
Condition: excellent!
The Komainu lions are guardians of the Buddhist faith commonly seen in front of temples and palaces. A guardian lion with a ball or pearl indicates its association with the Wisdom Buddha Monju. At first glance, the massive lion appears standing on two hind feet with a large ball in its front claws. He has bulging eyes and square open jaws baring tongue and fangs, finely striated twirling mane rendered into snail-curls around its formidable head, and fanned by a huge thrust up tail in the shape of swirling flames. With the lion’s head turning to its side frolicking in a rhythmic dancing movement that emanates a playfulness. Hand sculpted in porcelain, this classic Komainu Shishi exemplifies a unique Japanese design, and the distinctive ambiance of Kutani ware in the early 20th century Showa period.
Japanese ceramic history has it that Kutani porcelain was found in the Daishoji Clan's mine in 1655. The production was Known as Ko-Kutani that lasted about 60 years. It was again revived by Kutani Shoza (1816-1883) and several skilled artisans working with gaudy enamels and with gold brocade.

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Kutani Shishi Lion
Shishi Lion
Ceramic Shishi Lion
Japanese Guardian Lion
Porcelain Shishi Lion
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Marble Durga on Lion
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