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Antique Japanese Natural Gourd
Wine Jug
with Ivory Ring Netsuke
Signature: unsigned. Circa: 19th-early 20th Century

Lg Ivory 1: D. 2.5 in.(6.3cm).
Sm Ivory 2: D. 1.25 in.(3cm)
Gourd: H. 6.5 in.(2cm), W. 4 in.(10cm), D. 4 in.(10cm)
Condition: very good!

This evocative 19th century gourd is beautifully shaped and placed. It is a rich example of the Japanese defined aesthetic that uses nature as a guide and natural material as a source to create beautiful works of art. This gourd which could easily hold a nice portion of sake, that would have poured out of lovely shaped nipple spout, is wrapped by strategically and gracefully placed chording. Interwoven into the chord are two graceful ivory rings a small and large one and a wood peg stopper that is placed into the opening. The gourd could have been easily worn on an obi, not unlike a netsuke. The coloring on this gourd, enhanced by staining is warm and rich and is evocative of the traditional wooden interiors of Japanese temples and homes. Rendered with a sublime artful beauty this piece is well suit even for immortals. (SD)

Sold To Private Collection

Wine Jug Gourd Netsuke

The Wu Lou or gourd is an essential element in the art and practice of Feng Shui. Considered a powerful symbol of health, longevity and prosperity it one of the essential accouterments of many prominent deities. Gourds in both traditional Chinese and Japanese culture were containers for both life giving water on long journeys and joy filling wine. There were also used to contain essential medicines and are thus recognized as a symbol of vitality and health. The shape of the wu lou is also a representation of heaven and earth united together: the top half is heaven and the bottom, earth and when used by human, is the wonderful integration of heaven, earth and humankind. The gourd is also considered to the potency to absorb bad energy or chi from a situation person or place.

Wine Jug Natural Gourd NetsukeWine Jug Gourd Netsuke
Wine Jug Natural Gourd Netsuke
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