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Manjusri Antique Polychrome Iron Statue

Manjushri 文殊菩薩

Buddha of Wisdom

Circa: Qing, 18th-19th century
H 14.5 in.(37cm), W 14.5 in.(37cm), D 8 in.(20cm)
Condition: Missing sword, rust and aged condition!
The name Manjushri in Chinese is Wen Chu. He is popularly regarded as the Bodhisattva of Wisdom throughout Asia. As depicted here, this 19th century Qing period Manjushri is wearing a five-pronged crown with Amitabha Buddha's avatar inside a flaming limbus. The youthful Bodhisattva of Wisdom is seated in a diamond position on a double lotus pedestal. He displays the Vitarka Mudra (Teaching Gesture) in his left hand, with a stack of Prajnaparamita Sutra on a lotus by his shoulder. In his raised right hand, a wisdom sword with the blade is now missing. Nevertheless, it hardly deters us from noticing the Bodhisattva's vigorous spirit, and the serenity of the God of Literature as a handsome young man with eyes gazing in the bliss of meditation. Despite its centuries-old condition, this immaculately cast iron statue is well preserved in gilt and polychrome with minimal surface corrosion. The figure is stylistically a rare Qing dynasty prototype in accordance with Tibetan traditions.

Estimated value $1500
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Manjushri Buddha

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