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19th Century Japanese Carved Ojimi
Heart Sutra
Signature: Sawa. Circa: Meiji or earlier

H. 0.4 in.(10mm), W. 0.6 in.(15mm), D. 0.4 in.(10mm)
Condition: excellent!

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Heart Sutra Skull Ojimi
Please scroll down to read The Heart Sutra here:

An ojimi in the form of a skull smaller than the nail of a little finger, with minute indentations classically sculpted teeth, and a highly detailed jaw, graceful and stylistically encompassing realism and artistic interpretation. Remarkably, what was first seen as strands of hair, apparently under a 5X magnifier it turned out to be a 260 engraved kanji script-- the sacred text of the Heart Sutra (the Prajnaparamita). Since in Buddhist tradition the Heart Sutra speaks of the essential emptiness of all things. To understand this is an entry into the mystery of existence, thus attaining the ultimate spiritual enlightenment. In view of the engraved signature -- Sanzan Koji Sawa Koku (Three Mountain Taoist Sawa Carved). The ojimi is believed to be a meditation bead once belonged to a Buddhist monk or devotee.

Heart Sutra Skull OjimiHeart Sutra Skull Ojimi
Heart Sutra Skull Ojimi
Heart Sutra Skull Ojimi

The Perfect Wisdom of the Heart Sutra

Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, when practicing the Perfect Wisdom in depth, clearly saw that all five aspects of existence are empty and beyond all suffering.

(Answering) Sariputra, form does not differ from emptiness: Emptiness does not differ from form. Form then is emptiness. Emptiness then is form. Sensation, perception, volition, and consciousness, are likewise.

Sariputra, all Dharmas are marked with emptiness: nothing born and nothing dies, none is stained and none is pure, neither gain or loss. Therefore, no form within emptiness, no sensation, perception, volition or consciousness. No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body or mind; no form, sound, smell, taste, touch, or Dharmas; no sight and no point of view; no ignorance and no ending of ignorance, and no ending of old age and death. No suffering, origination, extinction, or path. No wisdom, and no attainment, with nothing to attain.

Therefor the Bodhisattva rests on the Perfection of Wisdom, with a heart without delusions or fear, and far from maddening fantasy; he is dwelling in Nirvana.

Thus all Buddhas of the past, present, and future rest on the Perfection of Wisdom, and live in total enlightenment.

Therefore know that the Perfection of Wisdom is the greatest mantra. It is the clearest mantra, the highest mantra, the mantra that is beyond classifications, and adept of removing all suffering. This is the truth that cannot be doubted. The Perfection of Wisdom is so.

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