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Happy Buddha Budai Antique Chinese Carved Boxwood Statue

Happy Buddha

Budai with Boys

Origin: China. Circa: early Republics, 1930s'
H 12 in.(30cm), W 5.5 in.(14cm), D 5 in.(12.5cm)
Condition: Crack lines, overall very good condition!
A fine Chinese early Republic era buxus wood carving of Budai, the Laughing Buddha resting with one foot on a bulky Fu Dog Lion, as two boys playing acrobat on his shoulders. The statue has a subtle artistry likely created by one single carver; as can be seen in the frictionless high-hand polishing. The affable smile is a lively portrait within which the teeth are individually carved; visible double-chins and enormous earlobes on his shoulders, his features are subtly portrayed with laughing eyes, two boys are also superbly defined with individual features. In all a spirited fine carving with a few minor age splits, overall well preserved through the ages.

Private Collection

Laughing Buddha Pu Tai rt
Laughing Buddha Pu Tai lt
Happy Buddha Budai
Happy Buddha Budai
Laughing Buddha back, base view

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