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Antique Japanese Carved Netsuke
Baby Doll
Netsuke Signature: Gyokuzan. late 19th Century

h. 1.5 in.(4cm), w. 1.25 in.(3cm), d. 1 in.(2.5cm)
Condition: excellent, (no himotoshi)

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The Raymond & Frances Bushell Collection of Netsuke Pub. Los Angeles County Museum, 2003
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Baby Doll Netsuke
Sold To Private Collection

Since the 18th century there have been several netsuke-shi by the name Gyokuzan. The style and artistry of this excellent carving strongly affirm attribution to the famous Asashi Gyokuzan of Tokyo, an ordained priest and a netsuke master whose illustrious career was marked by numerous prizes and awards. He was honored by Prince Norihisa in the presence of the Emperor during the Meiji era. Asashi Gyokuzan died on August 10th, 1923 at the age of 79.

Antique Japanese netsuke in fine quality ivory from the center of the tusk tip, cream colored, marked with striations and Schreger lines, well carved with textural and linear engraving and sumi. Depicting a cherubic baby princess holding a grownup court hat to her head, her chubby fingers grasping the tasseled cords, a slightly mischievous smile on her face. The hat has a stippled pattern, the garment engraving shows water and lotus motifs, with the child’s bib and sash tied in two stately bows at the back. A fine example of Gyokuzan’s child subjects, for which he was well known.

Baby Doll Netsuke rtBaby Doll Netsuke backBaby Doll Netsuke lt
Baby Doll Netsuke Sig GyokuzanBaby Doll Netsuke
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