Antique Buddha Museum Statues
Gilt Wood Kuanyin Antique Chinese Gilt Wood Buddha Statue

Kuan Yin

Seated in Royal Ease

Qing to early Republic, Circa: 19th century
H 15.5 in.(39cm), W 10 in.(25cm), D 7.5 in.(19cm)
Condition: Minor gilt loss, o.a. good
Seated in posture of royal ease on a double lotus throne, this sublime Kuan Yin posesses a pensive gravity. Lyrical in design, admirably accomplished with an unusual solidity, particularly the substantiality of the hands and feet, the Chinese yet ideal features of a full-cheeked and heavy lidded goddess of mercy. She is adorned with necklaces of jewels, armbands, wristlets and anklets. Furling scarves and parallel curves of draping cloth establish the elegant rhythms that inhere in the work. Magnificently carved open lotuses with buds and leaves rest at her shoulders. An extraordinary and resplendent evocation of Great Enlightenment. Remaining gold is darkly rich and abundant.

Private Collection
Royal Ease Kuan Yin
Royal Ease Kuan Yin

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