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Tibetan Gilt Bronze Vajrasattva

Antique Tibetan Chinese Gilt Bronze Statue

Arhat Bakula

Holding Pet Mongoose

Circa: Qing Dynasty, circa: 17th-18th century
H 6.3 in.(16cm), W 4.25 in.(11cm), D 3.2 in.(8cm)
Not including wood pedestal
Consecrated, excellent condition!
L Layered traditional monks robe with incised borders, seated in dhyanasana on a double cushion decorated with three floral medallions, holding a jewel-spitting sacred mongoose in both hands, crisp handsome facial features with cropped short hair, finely painted eyes and raised eyebrows, sharply defined nose and bow-shaped lips,this lavishly gilded statue is undoubtedly a representation of the Arhat Bakula, Sthavira, the elder of the Sixteen Great Elders, disciples of the Buddha Shakyamuni frequently portrayed in Buddhist arts.

From the finely modeled figure to minute details in the arhat's clothes and cushion, the superb artistry indicates distinct signs of both Tibetan and Chinese influences; As the etched inscriptions in the back of the statue is in Tibetan, while the incised visvavajra on the copper baseplate shows a yin-yang symbol in the center, which may be attributed to a Chinese imperial workshop of the Qianlong Emperor era.

18th Century Bronze Arhat
18th Century Bronze Arhat
18th Century Bronze Arhat
18th Century Bronze Arhat

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