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Geisha Poet netsuke
Antique Japanese Carved Netsuke

Geisha Poet

Holding Scroll by Desk

Netsuke Signature: Masasugu, circa: late 19th Century
H 1.5 in.(4cm.), W 1.5 in.(4cm.), D 1.25 in.(3cm.)
Condition: no himotoshi, very good !

An delicate small netsuke size okimono in well marked cream ivory, depicting a youthful geisha at her writing table with a scroll, leaning on her left hand, her legs folded under her. Her hair is carefully coiffed, her eyes outlined in black ink, with a touch of red color still clinging to her lips. The ink-grinding stone and brush holder are more commonly the attributes of a scholar, suggesting that this geisha is practicing her literary skills.
Poet netsuke
Geisha netsuke
Geisha netsuke sig
Geisha netsuke back

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