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Chola Bronze Buddha Statue
Dancing Ganesh
Four-Armed God of Wealth

Origin: India. Circa: early 1900S'
H 10.25 in.(26cm), W 4.7 in.(12cm), D 4 in.(10cm)
Condition: lost wax cast, excellent!

Private Collection

Ah the glory and splendor of the dancing Ganesha! Ganesha the most widely worshipped god in the Hindu pantheon, adored by Hindus, Buddhists and Jainists alike. The elephant headed god appears in India before even Shiva, and is a bringer of good fortune and wisdom, a remover of obstacles who is called upon at the beginning of a journey or a new venture. He is also the protector of knowledge, books and education. Ganesha is also deeply associated with the roots chakra our connection, to Earth and vital sustenance in the material plane.

The distinctive Chola style emerged during the reign of Aditya Chola (870-906 AD) and is characterized by a sensuous beauty, geometrical perfection, powerful presence and an intricacy of design. Originally statues such as this exquisite bronze were created as ceremonial deities that were kept inside the inner sanctum of the temple and only brought out for ceremony and festivals.

This resplendent four-armed dancing Ganesha evokes the attributes of the god in dynamic beauty and motion. Traditionally, Ganesha will hold different icons according to the form he is assuming. Here the noose indicates his ability to draw close those he loves most dearly and to encircle and save those who stray. The lotus bud is a symbols of his deep spiritual knowledge, the conch his ability to immediately clear the air of obstacles. The fine engraved detail on this statue is distinctive to the Chola style. The statue is placed in the early 1900s, and uses the lost wax process which retains the highly refined detailed of the Chola original, this statue is in excellent condition, a dynamic beautiful example of wealth, prosperity and spiritual insight in motion. (SD)


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