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Fudo Myoo Zushi Shrine Antique Japanese Buddha Zushi

Fudo Myoo

Vairocana, Acala Buddha

Origin: Japan. Circa: late 19th-early 20 century
Zushi: H 10.5 in.(26.5cm), W 5 in.(12.5cm), D 3.5 in.(8.5cm)
Statue: H 9 in.(22.5cm), W 4 in.(10cm), D 3.25 in.(8cm)
Minor imperfection, fair to good aged condition!
Fudo Myoo, the Angry Buddha, symbolizes the divinity of wisdom fire, and the Mahavairocana Buddha's power over passions to become aware of the innate, intrinsic Buddha-nature that leads to enlightenment. The power of this Acala Buddha statue pours through in a weathered archaic zushi. The figure is characterized by the ittobori style rough-cut technique, refined with perfect symmetry in the pleats and folds of his robe. He holds a rope that ties negative passions in his left hand. His right hand holds a sword that severs material attachments. Fused with finer details on the serene facial features of the deity, the tension between the rustic artistry and the deity's power makes this Fudo Myoo zushi highly compelling.

Estimated Value $400
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Fudo Myoo Zushi
Fudo Myoo Zushi
Fudo Myoo Zushi
Fudo Myoo Zushi
Fudo Myoo Zushi
Fudo Myoo Zushi

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