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Ascetic Shakyamuni Vintage Chinese Boxwood Carving


Practicing Austerities

Origin: China, Circa: mid 20th century
H 6 in.(15cm), W 2.5 in.(6.3cm), D 2.5 in.(6.3cm)
An emaciated Prince Siddhartha at the time when he was practicing asceticism in the land of Magadha, where he was rigorously engaged in meditation without food, consumed only a few seeds and water from the near by banks of the Nairanjana River. After six years, Siddhartha remained unable to attain his goal. Then one day, he went bathing in the river and accepted a rice ball from the hand of Sujata, a maiden who belonged to the untouchable caste, and came to the realization that severe asceticism can only wear out the body, thus depriving the strength he needed to attain the path to enlightenment.

A profound story told elegantly by a master carver. This skin and bone figure of the emaciated Shakyamuni is finely realized in a realism unique in the Chinese style. The image of Shakyamuni is in exhaustion, yet his facial expression reveals a joyous and spirited realization, which is likely portrayed through an inspired Buddhist carver, whose technical mastery can be observed in the intricately carved through figure from a single piece of quality huang-yang wood. The statue is highly polished to a even shine with a gorgeous burgundy red hue. It has a small age crack on the straw mat base, otherwise is in mint condition.

Emaciated Ascetic Siddhartha
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Emaciated Ascetic Shakyamuni
Ascetic Shakyamuni
Emaciated Ascetic Shakyamuni
Emaciated Ascetic Shakyamuni

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