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Antique Chinese Rose Wood Carving
Red Boy No Cha
Taming The Dragon
Origin: China. Circa: Early 1900's
Closed: H 20.5 in.(52.5cm), W 6 in.(15cm), D 6 in.(15cm)

Condition: minor age cracks, o.a. very good!

An intricately antique Bodhisattva statue, in a multiple carved through column, featuring a charming young boy grabbing the horn of a geyser spraying dragon rising from the turbulence, where two more figures are seen trapped in the swirling waves. The fierce twirling dragon is meticulously carved with intersecting fish scales, double-inlaid pearl eyes, and thirteen sumptuous hair bundles flaring into an opened cage. The rosewood statue is highly polished and stained in a rich red hue. It has no major defect other than a few minor splits due to its age.

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Red Boy Taming Dragon
Red Boy Taming Dragon

Red Boy No Cha is an inspiring deity in Chinese mythology adapted both in Buddhism and Taoism. As described in the book “Creation of The Gods”. Red Boy was an incarnation of the Divinity Pearl born a bouncing lump of flesh, his father The Pagoda Bearer thought that it was a demon and cut it open, and from which the child emerged with a magic golden bracelet on his wrist. As told here in this statue, No Cha was a toddler bathing by the seashore and causing a tsunami. When the son of the Dragon King rose from the sea to investigate, No Cha had him captured and removed the spine of the Dragon Prince. For which Red Boy was denounced by his father, and he sliced all the flesh from his body to repented the crime. Later the Bodhisattva of Compassion Kuan Yin appeared to revived him by reconstituting his body with lotus leaves, and transformed the Red Boy into a fierce protector of the faith.

Red Boy Taming DragonRed Boy No Cha Taming DragonNo Cha Taming Dragon
No Cha Taming DragonNo Cha Taming DragonNo Cha Taming Dragon
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