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Gilt Wood Dharmapala Lacquered Gilt Wood Buddha Statue

Black Tiger Dharmapala

Temple Guardian

Origin: China. Circa: 19th Century and earlier
H 11 in.(28cm), W 4.5 in.(11.5cm), D 3" (7.5cm)
Condition: Gilt loss and breakage
An antique camphor wood Dharmapala, in black and red lacquer and gilded in gold. A vigorous guardian of the Dharma and protector of the faith, and commonly worshipped as the God of Wealth in China. As represented here, the Dharmapala is wearing a Ming style hat of a civil dignitary, and dressed in full militant armor, his right hand is raised in a fist, and holding a gold piece in his left hand, standing in warrior striking pose above a lacquered boulder, where a black tiger is crouching submissively. The figure is well carved with animated expressiveness; close observation reveals finer details featuring three taotie masks on the belt and padded armor, a section of the floating celestial scarves is missing, and most of the lacquered gold gilt on his back has been lost, leaving a bared wood surface with a rich down brown; even so the statue is beautifully aged and remaining in fair condition.

Estimated Value $500
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Qing Wood Dharmapala
Qing Wood Dharmapala
Gilt Wood Dharmapala base
Qing Dharmapala Statue
Qing Wood Dharmapala

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