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Antique Tibetan Gilt Bronze Buddha
w/ Consort Vajrabarahi

Central Tibet, circa: 19th Century
H 16.5" (42cm.), W 10" (25cm.), D 7" (18cm.)

Condition : Excellent!

This spectacular and ferocious work reveals the sexual imagery of Vajrayana Buddhism and was created for use in meditation and devotional practice. Such imagery of the highest yoga tantra was kept secret, being deemed appropriate only for advanced practitioners, who, through the power of their creative visualization, can develop experience of emptiness, or Buddha nature.

chakrasambara Vajrabarahi

In this superbly cast and gilt silver sculpture Chakrasamvara is shown embracing his partner Vajrabarahi, who carries the skull cup in her forward right hand and an arrow in her other right hand, her forward left hand displaying the Katanga, a ritual staff with three human heads surmounted by a vajra, her lowered left hand holding the bow. Both figures carry identical attributes. The couple stand mirrored in a display of terrible invincibility; they literally dance in the air balancing on one foot as they surmount the goddess Kalaratri, who represents nirvana, showing Chakrasamvara’s rank of Buddhahood, in which he triumphs over the constraints of both samsara and nirvana. The figures were cast separately, as were the heads and the small figure of Kalaratri, and welded together after detailing. Each standing figure has four heads with fearsome expressions meticulously and wondrously rendered with incomparable skill in polychrome and cold gold. They are crowned with skulls and ornamented with garlands of freshly severed heads. His vermilion hair rises in plaited coils graced by a white crescent moon. As a peaceful deity her hair is painted blue. Their white teeth are individually defined. Both figures are adorned with necklaces, bracelets and anklets; the hands are delicately sculpted, each finger individually modeled and finished with upturned tips and fingernails

The base of the statue is sealed and engraved with a double vajra. Which indicates when the sculpture was completed a ceremony was held to call the deity into it; blessings were bestowed and prayers inserted into the piece. The quality of artistry in this work is superlative, yet beyond its excellence, it was created for Vajrayana practice as an instrument for realizing the highest yoga of the Diamond Vehicle, the Supreme Bliss. --RW



Bronze Chakrasambara
Private Collection
chakrasambara chakrasambara
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