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Fudo Myoo Buddha
Antique Chinese Gilt Bronze Buddha

Fudo Myoo

Conqueror of Three Passions

Late Qing, Circa: 19th century
H 12" (30.5cm.), W 5" (12.5cm.), D 3" (7.5cm.)
Condition : very good, missing rope
Fudo Myoo, standing firmly atop of a double lotus pedestal against an elaborate, openwork raging flame adora, he is holding a vajra-hilt sword in his right, and in his left is a rope which is now missing. The name Fudo Myoo means motionless or unshakable like that of a mountain. It is a Japanese name for the Buddha Acala. In Sanskrit his name means Conqueror of Three Poisons. He is capable of transforming love, hatred and ignorance into energy that leading to enlightenment even in a single life time. As guardian of Buddhist faith, Fudo Myoo is the wrathful manifestation of the Buddha Mahavirocana. One of the Five Great Kings of Light.

Fudo Myoo Gilt Bronze Statue

Private Collection

Acala Buddha
Fudo Myoo

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