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Ayutthaya Buddha Antique Siam Gold Gilt Bronze

Maitreya Buddha

Rattanakosin Ayutthaya Buddha

Thailand, circa: 18th century
H 19 in(48cm), W 4.5 in(11cm), D 4.5 in(11cm)
Condition: very good, minor gilt loss
According to old belief, the Buddha’s skin was the color of gold, and the rays of his fiery energy were so intense that his true form could only be seen by means of prolonged meditation. This statue is an instrument for such realization; it is heavily gilded and richly ornamented with colored glass stones in the base and garments, the armbands, bracelets and anklets. Flames rise on all four levels of the base, up the center of the robe, and at the shoulders and lower terminals of the crown. The Buddha’s austere countenance seems to smolder and glow, highlighting the smooth roundness, the full features and numinous smile of perfect bliss. The left hand is raised in abaya mudra, the gesture of “no fear”, the right drops toward the ground, gently reaching the seam of his royal garment .--RW
Rattanakosin Buddha
Rattanakosin Buddha
Ayutthaya Maitreya Buddha

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