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Akshobhya  Buddha
Antique Nepalese Parcel Gilt Bronze Buddha


Jeweled Celestial Buddha

Tibet, circa: 19th century
H 8.25 in.(21cm), W 5.5 in.(14cm.), D 3.5 in.(9cm.)
Condition: minor abrasions
Akshobhya means Unshakable, he is the lord of the Vajra clan who represents the transmutation of delusion (or hatred) into mirror wisdom (or reality wisdom) and who abides in Abhirati, one of the Pure Lands described in the Vimalakirti Sutra. This 19th century bronze is a devotional yidam of great integrity and beauty, and full of spiritual power. Akshobhya sits upright in full lotus posture on a lotus throne with the right hand in the bhumisparsa mudra of touching the earth, and the left hand in meditation position holding the vajra, the adamantine thunderbolt of indestructible wisdom. His hair is piled in a three-tiered chignon fronted by a five jeweled crown which terminates on the sides with trailing scarves and coral and turquoise jeweled earrings. He is adorned with jeweled necklaces, armbands and bracelets of gold. His upper torso is bare except for a shoulder garment and sacred cord descending from left to right. Celestial scarves billow outward from his figure, and the golden hem of his lower garment is embroidered with foliate motifs. Some traces of gilding illuminate the quiet elegance. On the reverse at the bottom of the torso is an engraved dhvaja, or banner of victory of Buddhist teaching over ignorance, a auspicious symbol promising that all spiritual obstacles have been overcome and that good fortune has arrived.

Private Collection

Celestial Buddha Akshobhya
Celestial Buddha Akshobhya
Celestial Buddha Akshobhya back
Celestial Buddha Akshobhya

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