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Last Buddha Japanese Wood BuddhaFuture Buddha
Koyasu Kannon Zzushi
Loving Mother Jibo Kannon
Antique Japanese Zushi 11"H
Kannon Bosatsu
Kannon Bosatsu
Japanese Root Wood 11"H
Kannon Buddha
Kannon Buddha
Japanese Buddha 18"H
Fudo Myoo Statue
Fudo Myoo Fire Phoenix
Showa Statue Signed 14"H
Magojiro Noh Mask
Edo Wood Noh Mask
Ko Omote Noh Mask
Ko Omote
Wood Noh Mask


Fudo Myoo Zushi
Fudo-Myoo Zushi
Buddha Shrine 10"H
Amida Zushi
Amida Buddha Zushi
Japanese Shrine 10"H
Kongorikishi Wood Statues
Nio Agyo Ungyo SOLD!
Japanese Kongorikishi 10"H
Jizo Wood Shrine
Jizo Bosatsu
Buddha Shrine 10"H
Agriculture God Shennong
Shennong God of Medicine
Japanese Wood Deity 10"H
Monju Bosatsu
Monju Bosatsu
Taisho Sandalwood Buddha 6"H
Blindman Zen Statue
Traveling Blind Monk
Buddha Statue 8"H
Amida Temple Shrine
Amida Relic Shrine SOLD!
Antique Gilt Wood Butsudan 9"H
 ____________ WOOD BUDDHA STATUES SOLD ____________ 
Shaka Head Buddha Statue
Edo Shakya Head
Buddha Statue 8.5"H
Nichiren Shorin
Nichiren Shonin
Buddha Statue 7"H
Kono Hana Suiseki Stone
Kono Hana Fuji Suiseki SOLD!

Japanese Buddha Statue 7"H
Japanese Buddha Head
Kamakura Buddha SOLD!
Buddha Statue 8"H
Magojiro Noh Mask
Magojiro SOLD!
Wood Noh Mask 8"H
Edo Fugen Buddha
Fugen Bosatsu SOLD!
Japanese Buddha Statue 8"H
Lacquered Wood BuddhaAmida
Amida Buddha SOLD!
Buddha Statue 8"H
Shinkyo Mirror
Shinkyo Mirror SOLD!
Shinto Ritual Object 15"H

Fukurokuju SOLD!
Buddha Statue 8"H

Zushi Shrine SOLD!
Buddha Shrine 12"H

Amida Buddha SOLD!
Buddha Statue 6.5"H

Shrine Pedestal SOLD!
Buddha Statue 8"H

Gilt Lacquered Shrine SOLD!
Wood Pedestal 19"W
Amida Buddha SOLD!
Japanese Gilt Wood 9"H

Lacquered Zushi SOLD!
Buddha Shrine 4.5"H

Gilt Lacquered Shrine SOLD!
Wood Pedestal 19"W
Last BuddhaFuture Buddha

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