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Last Buddha• Wood Buddha Future Buddha
Rosewood Heavenly King
Heavenly King
Rosewood Statue 20"H
Gilt Foo Dogs Bracket
Foo Dogs
Temple Wall Bracket 15"H
Pu Hsien Buddha
Buddha Statue 18"H
Water-Moon Kuanyin SOLD!
Buddha Statue 39"H
Cowherd On Ox
Cowherd On Ox
Buddha Statue 4.5"H
Shakyamuni Buddha
Sleeping Buddha SOLD!
Buddha Statue 20"H
Emaciated Shakyamuni
Emaciated Shakyamuni
Buddha Statue 6"H
Fruit Wood LoHan
Traveling Lo Han
Buddha Statue 18"H
Tibetan Prayer Wheel
Wind Horse Prayer Wheel
Tibetan Wood Carving 14"H
God of Wealth Cai Shen
God of Wealth SOLD!
Buddha Statue 14"H
 _______________ WOOD BUDDHA STATUES SOLD _______________ 

Water Moon Kwan Yin
Water Moon Kwan Yin SOLD!
Buddha Statue 38"H

Kwanyin on Dragon
Kwanyin SOLD!

Buddha Statue 22"H
Large Wood Quanyin
Quanyin on Dragon SOLD!

Wood Buddha 41"H
South Sea Kwanyin
South Sea Kwanyin SOLD!

Buddha Statue 32"H
Manjusri on Lion
Manjusri SOLD!
Wood Buddha 16" H
Samantabhadra on Elephant
Samantabhadra SOLD!
Buddha Statue 16"H

Smaantabhadra On Elephant
Samantabhadra SOLD!
Buddha Statue 27"H

Royal Ease Wood Quan Yin Statue
Royal Ease Kuanyin SOLD!
Buddha Statue 24"H

Last BuddhaFuture Buddha

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