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Kanu Netsuke Tomochika
God of War Kanu SOLD!
Netsuke by Tomochika
Four Karako Ivory Netsuke
Unsigned Antique Netsuke
Laughing Shishi Netsuke
Laughing Shishi
Unsigned Japanese Netsuke
Eight Monkeys Sagemono
Eight Monkeys
Japanese Carved Sagemono


Lacquer Shojo Netsuke Inro
Lacquer Shojo Netsuke SOLD!
Lacquer Wood Inro
Ivory Netsuke by Senpo
Tigress and Pup
Netsuke by Senpo
Ivory  Toggle Netsuke
Kara Toggle
Antique Ring Netsuke
Kamon Shell Wood Manju
Kamon Crest
Tortoise Shell Wood Manju
Sakura Kagamibuta Netsuke
Zen Bee Kagamibuta
Sakura Manju Netsuke
Edo Slice Manju Netsuke
Original Slice
Manju Netsuke



Why not collect new pieces? Prices are much lower than older works.
There are plenty of commercially made netsuke available. Some of these are produced in Japan; most come from Hong Kong and China. They are mass-produced merchandise, not unlike factory-made paintings. When carvers are paid to make the same product day after day, the predictable results cannot be considered serious art. It is unethical for dealers to market these objects as authentic netsuke. Moreover, authentic netsuke are antique and do not contribute to illegal poaching of endangered animal species for the purpose of mass producing inferior articles.

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Two Quails Signed IttanFukurokuju NetsukeTwo KArako Ivory NetsukeBenkei Netsuke
Two Quails SOLD!
Netsuke by Ittan
Fukurokuju and Boy SOLD!
Antique Netsuke by Eisai
Fighting Karako SOLD!
Unsigned Antique Netsuke
Benkei Stealing Bell SOLD!
Antique Netsuke by Hojitsu
Monkey & Peach SOLD!
Antique Netsuke BY Masayuki
Barbarian and Monkey
Antique Netsuke by Gyokuichi
Couching Monkey SOLD!
Antique Netsuke by Tomoyuki
Monkey & Namazu SOLD!
Antique Netsuke by Okatomo
Monkey Toying Glasses SOLD!
Antique Netsuke by Tomoyuki
Sage on Horse SOLD!
Okimono Netsuke by Koshin
Traveler Mouse SOLD!
Netsuke by Gyokuseki
Happy Buddha Monkeys SOLD!
Unsigned Japanese Netsuke
Chokaro Sennin SOLD!
Unsigned Antler Netsuke
Dancing Geisha SOLD!
Japanese Netsuke by Gyokuho
Fruit Monkey SOLD!
Antique Netsuke by Gyokumei
Shakumi Mask SOLD!
Netsuke by Koshin
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