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Yamabushi Netsuke
Traveling Priest Yamabushi
Meiji Period Okimono Netsuke
Shinto Priest Ivory Manju
Shinto Priest
Antique Manju Netsuke
Two Performers Netsuke
Two Performers
Unsigned Antique Netsuke

 Bunbuku Chagama Okimono
Bunbuku Chagama
Meiji Okimono Sig. Doraku

Hotei Playing Flute Netsuke
Hotei Playing Flute
Antler Netsuke Signed
Little Hotei Netsuke
Little Hotei Buddha
Antler Netsuke Signed
Girl Okimono Netsuke
Girl with Broken Basket
Japanese Okimono Netsuke
Oni Mask Ojimi
Two Oni Mask
Japanese Ojimi Netsuke
Yukimasa Mouse Netsuke
Mouse on Chestnut SOLD!
Netsuke Signed Yukimasa
Yukimasa Magician Netsuke
Magician Netsuke
Signed Yukimasa
Rooster Netsuke
Rooster Netsuke
Yukimasa Bird Series





How can I be sure that a fine unsigned netsuke is worth the price?
While a signature provides a certain degree of assurance, this documentation may tell us nothing about the prominence or skill of the particular artist in his time. The great netsuke carver Yoshimura Shuzan never signed his works, and since the genuineness of a netsuke signature is often difficult to determine with certainty, it follows that collecting for intrinsic value rather than depending on signatures alone is the best way to build a truly superb collection. The last word on this subject is the fact that an unsigned netsuke was recently sold at Sotheby’s for $30,000.

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Netsuke bu HojitsuOkame and Daruma NetsukeMonk Contemplating Skull netsukeLarge Tiger Netsuke
Fukurokuju SOLD!
Netsuke Signed Hojitsu
Okame Daruma SOLD!
Antique Japanese Netsuke
Contemplating Monk SOLD!
Antique Japanese Netsuke
Loop Tailed Tiger SOLD!
Antique Japanese Netsuke
Standing Drummer SOLD!
Japanese Netsuke by Fugyoku
Toba on Horse SOLD!
Netsuke by Gyokushin
Inking Squid SOLD!
Japanese Netsuke
Lucky Frog SOLD!
Antique Netsuke by Kogyoku
Last BuddhaFuture Buddha

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