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Three Noblemen Netsuke
Boozed Noblemen
Antique Netsuke
Skull Netsuke
Old Skull Pill Box
Antique Netsuke
Monkey Medicine Pill Box
Monkey Medicine
Pill Box
Pindola Taming Tiger Netsuke
Rakan on Tiger
Antique Antler Netsuke
Pottery Daimyo Netsuke
Daimyo Shogun
Japanese Glazed Pottery Netsuke
New Year Celebration Netsuke
New Year Celebration
Okimono Netsuke Sig. Bunshi
Antler Choroko Sennin Netsuke
Choroko Sennin
Japanese Antler Netsuke
Gama Sennin Netsuke
Gama Sennin SOLD!
Kyomasa Antler Netsuke
Kanu Netsuke Tomochika
God of War Kanu SOLD!
Netsuke by Tomochika
What are the defining features of authentic netsuke?
An authentic netsuke should be in traditional compact form and shape, and be suitable for use. It must not be sharp, angular, or pointed. Its basic function must not be impaired; otherwise it will not qualify as a netsuke, regardless of how artistic it may be as a carving. Its size must be suitable for use with an inro, pouch or purse. A carving too large, bulky or heavy to be worn comfortably may be suitable as an okimono but not as a netsuke. Himotoshi, the holes for attaching a cord with which the netsuke is fastened to the sash, inro, pouch, etc. must be carefully placed so as not to mar the design. MORE F.A.Q.
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Fire Shishi NetsukeWasher Woman Netsukesurumawashi netsuke by tomonobuOni Netsuke by Jugyoku
Fire Baku SOLD!
Unsigned Antique Netsuke
Washer Woman SOLD!
Unsigned Antique Netsuke
Monkey Trainers SOLD!
Netsuke by Tomonobu
Hannya SOLD!
Netsuke by Jugyoku
Shoki Catching Ghost SOLD!
Netsuke by Mitsuyuki
Three Shells SOLD!
Unsigned Antler Netsuke
Zodiac Horse SOLD!
Signed Netsuke
Gama Sennin SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke
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