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Ashinaga-Tenaga Wood Okimono
Ashinaga and Tenaga
Makie Okimono Netsuke 10"H
Dutchman Netsuke
Boxwood Dutchman
Netsuke Signed Masatsugu
Tekkai Sennin Netsuke
Tekkai Sennin
Wood Netsuke by Hisho
Magician Okimono
Magician w. Rabbits
Whale Tooth Okimono
Mouse Netsuke
Mouse Grooming Tail
Antique Carved Netsuke Sig
Samurai Benkei Okimono Netsuke
Samurai Benkei Drinking Sake
Okimono Netsuke Signed Shizy
Boy's Day Netsuke
Tango no Sekku Children's Day
Antique Japanese Netsuke Sig
Shishi on Ball Netsuke
Shishi Lion on Ball
Stag Antler Netsuke
Death Holding Lotus
Death Holding Lotus
Netsuke Sig. Gyokushi


wood tonkotsu netsuke
Fukurokuju Netsuke
Antique Lacquer Wood Sagemono
Otafuku Mask Netsuke
Happy Woman Otafuku
Sukeyoshi Wood Netsuke
Daikoku Mask Netsuke
Daikoku Mask
Japanese Netsuke Gyokuzan
Mokugyo Monk Netsuke
Monk with Mokugyo SOLD!
Antique Netsuke Signed Josui

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Tongue Cut Sparrow NetsukeSage NetsukeSambaso Dancer by ShogetsuSetsubun Mamemaki Netsuke
Tongue Cut Sparrow SOLD!
Netsuke Sig. Osai
Sage Contemplation SOLD!
Antique Katabori Netsuke
Sambaso Dancer SOLD!
Antique Netsuke by Shogetsu
Setsubun Mamemaki SOLD!
Netsuke by Gyokumune
Last BuddhaFuture Buddha

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