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Chola Bronze Buddha Statue
As Gopala in Svastikasana

Origin: South India. Circa: 19th century
H 12 in.(31cm), W 4.3 in.(11cm), D 4.3 in.(11cm)
Condition: excellent!

Sold to Private Collection

This Chola Bronze statue from the early 1900ís exhibits the grace and litheness and enchanting physical beauty worthy of the ecstatic bhakti adoration that is associated with the Vishnu avatar Krishna. The distinctive Chola style emerged during the reign of Aditya Chola (870-906 AD) and is characterized by a sensuous beauty, geometrical perfection, powerful presence and an intricacy of design. Originally statues such as this exquisite bronze were created as ceremonial deities that were kept inside the inner sanctum of the temple and only brought out for ceremony and festivals. Here it was said the onlookers would go into waves of ecstasy as the god before their eyes would come alive. In these moments the divine transference of darshan was bestowed. The artistry of the Chola statues depicting an epitome of divine human form surely enhanced the experience of worshippers. This specific statue, created with the lost wax process retains the integrity of the original sculpture. The intricate design work created in the symmetrical patterns entices. Krishna plays his flute. This is a call to the gopis, (to the milk maidens) and call to the part of us that would become divinely intoxicated with the Divine. Once the line is crossed can we return: as the individual self merges with the large Self in ecstasy? This statue beautifully poses the question an exquisite reminder through the centuries of the divine sweetness of the Krishna Lila (the play of Krishna). This bronze is in excellent condition. (SD)

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