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Hagoromo Feather kimono
Hagoromo Feather Kimono
Meiji Okimono Unsigned
Clown Netsuke
Laughing Clown SOLD!
Antique Japanese Netsuke
Daikoku Netsuke
Daikoku on Rice Bales
Showa Netsuke Signed Ichio

Boys on Hotei Netsuke
Traveling Hotei
Antique Netsuke Signed

Shishi Netsuke
Shishi SOLD!

Antique Japanese Netsuke
Laughing Shishi Netsuke
Laughing Shishi
19th C Japanese Netsuke
Shibuichi Shojo Mask Netsuke
Shojo Mask
Shibuichi Adaptive Netsuke
Samurai in Combat Netsuke
Combating Samurai on Horse
Japanese Netsuke Signed
Siblings on Horse Okimono Netsuke Signed
Siblings on Horse
Koetsu Sumo Netsuke
Horse Clasp Netsuke
Horse Clasp
Netsuke Signed Kakihan


How important is a signature?
A great carverís genuine signature, such as that of Kaigyokusai or Mitsuhiro will enhance a fine netsuke enormously. However it is not uncommon to find superb netsuke without signatures. If you have a netsuke signature in need of translation, please feel free to email us with a JPG.

How can I determine the authenticity of a signature?
Most imitations are easily recognized by the lack of signs of age or the dubious quality of the material, but the most pivotal criterion is always artistry...or the lack of it. There are few netsuke carvers with the talent and skill of the old masters, but these rare talents, who are famous in their own right, have no need to imitate, and even less inclination to copy, another's signature.

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Masaharu Elephant NetsukeRiding Fukurokuju Ivory NetsukeNio Signed TomomasaGeisha Polychrome Netsuke
Shibiyama Elephant SOLD!
Netsuke by Masaharu
Riding Fukurokuju SOLD!
Netsuke by Shounsai
Nio Protecting Maid SOLD!
Netsuke by Tomomasa
Geisha SOLD!
Netsuke by Hoyuki
Octopus Seller SOLD!
by Ryutan
Sennin on One Foot SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke
Traveling Priest SOLD!
Netsuke by Kamedo
Zodiac Monkey SOLD!
Netsuke by Gyokuseki
Young Writer SOLD!
Antique Netsuke by Asakawa
Jurojin, SOLD!
Netsuke by Yoshitomo
Dragon Carp SOLD!
Netsuke by Ryugetsu
Daikoku Mask SOLD!
Japanese Netsuke Sig. Shino
Last BuddhaFuture Buddha

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