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Lacquer Inro Netsuke
Kitten and Peony
Makie Inro Lacquer Netsuke
Bakemono Netsuke
Bakemono Onyudo
Boxwood Netsuke by Gyokuzan
Art Critics Okimono
Art Critics
Edo Okimono, Signed
Inu Dog Netsuke
Inu Dog with Ball SOLD!
Unsigned Netsuke
Sake Cup Netsuke
Sake Cup
Antique Antler Netsuke


Our authentic netsuke collection comprises over twenty years of active acquisition all over the world, with fine examples from 18th to 19th century netsuke of the Edo and Meiji eras to contemporary masterpieces by living Japanese masters including a Sennin by Hojitsu, an Eagle by Masanao, and a rare Shunga netsuke by Masatoshi. Netsuke prices have risen spectacularly over the past few decades. In 1979 the premier issue of the Journal of the International Netsuke Society reported the record price for a netsuke as $18,000, a new threshold of valuation. Less than thirty years later the record has risen to $150,000 for a dancing fox woman (Lot #19 by GECHU, whose name means "Tusk Worm") auctioned at Sotheby's London, November 8, 2005. A soaring European market for quality netsuke has resulted in ever-widening disparity between European and American prices. Important auctions of netsuke now take place exclusively in Europe. Thus our listed estimates should be considered only as a guideline in the United States--actual value according to current auction results are likely vastly higher. As we no longer emphasize explicit recognizances for applicable materials, we continue to stand behind our opinion on the artistry and age estimation of the said object with an unconditional 100% money back authenticity guaranteed policy. Please EMAIL US with any question or make an honest offer. Thank-you!

Antler Mushroom Netsuke
Two Mushrooms
Japanese Antler Netsuke
Samurai Kiseru Netsuke
Samurai w. Pipe Netsuke
Antique Katabori Unsigned
Itchy Blindman Netsuke
Itchy Blindman SOLD!
Antler Netsuke Unsigned
Wood Shishi Netsuke
Antique Shishi with Balls
Antique Japanese Netsuke
Smoking Man Netsuke
Smoking Man
Antique Netsuke Signed Tomoichi
Foo Dog Jade Toggle
Foo Dog Lion Shishi
Celadon Nephrite Jade Toggle
Baku Netsuke
Bad Dream Catcher Baku
Antique Netsuke Signed Shoshi
Frog on Clog Netsuke
Bumpy Frog on Clog
Netsuke Signed Masayuki
Mokugyo Wood Fish Gong Netsuke
Mokugyo Fish Gong
Netsuke Signed Yugyoku
Oni Bathing Okame Netsuke
Oni Bathing Okame
Netsuke Signed Hidemasa
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