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Antique Gilt Bronze Buddha Statue
Dharma Protector King
Origin: Tibet. Circa: 19th Century
H 10.5 in.(26.7cm), W 9 in.(23cm), D 6 in.(15cm)
Condition: minor imperfection, overall very good!
Indra Statue

Estimate: $2000-2500
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Indra is the supreme deity in the ancient Vedic tradition. He is regarded as the lord of seven heavens, the god of rain and thunderstorms; and as the god of war, he is the Guardian of the east, the Dharmapala Vajrapani who embodies the power of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, as the protector of the Dharma and the historical Buddha. Indra is known as Sakka in Jainism and Buddhism (Chinese: Děshětian, Japanese: Taishakuten), and represented as the Heavenly Jade Emperor in Taoism.

The God of Thunderstorms is seated in royal ease with legs pendant, his extended right arm rested gently above one knee, to his left a vajra on a large lotus in hand, his arm reaches down by the leaning torso. He is wearing a finely carved large crown decorated with a Garuda emblem, his face lightly turning to the left, the figure is accomplished in a natural poise in complex configurations; and the dynamic of gesture endow the statue with a living quality-- for in stillness he seems to be moving when seen from changing angles-- as his countenance expressing majestic omniscience that emanates the divine grace with a powerful presence. The copper gilded bronze is aged and darkened luxuriantly, harmonized with ornamented laid-on carvings gilded in pure gold, and jeweled with turquoises and carnelian stones for the armbands, earrings, necklaces and crown. The statue is cast in solid and weight five pounds. Superb artistry with great care taken in every detail; leaving no doubt that this is a rare work of skill and integrity. Click here for a correlated bronze Indra sold in Christies Auctions...

Indra Statue
Tibetan Indra Statue
Indra Statue base view
Gilt Bronze Indra Statue
Last BuddhaFuture Buddha
Estimate Value: $3000

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