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Umimatsu & Kigai Ivory Netsuke
Crab Catching Bug
On Lotus Root

Netsuke Signature: Tetsusen, early 20th century
H 1.75 in.(4.5cm.), W 0.5 in.(1.25cm.), D 0.5 in.(1.25cm.)
Condition: good, small age crack

A fine example of the charm and inventiveness of the tradition of netsuke. Here the artist has taken an interest in events occurring on a lotus root. A crab has spied a juicy insect and stretches out a large claw, preparing to strike. The insect has paused in its descent down the section of root; perhaps it has sensed the danger. The tiny scene is impeccably carved, the insectís body made of inlaid horn and the eyes of both creatures of inlaid black coral umimatsu. In dense cream colored ivory; the surface bearing a silky finish, with engraving for the details of the crab, the holes in the bottom of the plant and the fibres on the sheath of the root, distinctive in the contrasting colors of coral and amber, the unusual structure, diminutive size and fine artistry. Signed on a mother of pearl reserve on the bottom: Tetsusen.

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