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Last Buddha• BRONZE BUDDHAFuture Buddha
Maitreya in tribhanga
Cosmo Maitreya Buddha
Tibetan gilt bronze 20"H
Gilt Gold Shakyamuni Buddha
Gold Shakyamuni SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Statue 13"H
Ming Bronze Quan Yin
Quan Yin
Ming Bronze Buddha 14"H
Tibetan Walking Buddha
Archaic Maitreya SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 23"H
Gilt Bronze Padmasambhava
Padmasambhava SOLD!
Gilt Bronze Buddha 10"H
Jeweled Amitayus Buddha
Bronze Buddha 9"H
Ksitigarbha Buddha
Gilt Bronze Buddha 9"H
Padmapani Lokeshvara Statue
Padmapani Lokeshvara SOLD
Gilt Bronze Buddha 9"H
Vairocana Buddha
Vairocana Buddha
Tibetan Bronze 16"H
Shakyamuni Buddha
Bronze Buddha 11"H
Meiji Bronze Nude Bather
Meiji Bather
Japanese Bronze Figure
Shakyamuni Buddha
Shakyamuni Buddha
Tibetan Statue 25"H
 ______________ Antique Buddha Statue Library ______________  
Gilt Bronze Hayagriva
Hayagriva & Consort SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Buddha 9"H
Mahakala SOLD!
Tibetan Bronze Buddha 10"H
Korean Bronze Buddha
Korean Buddha 16"H
Dipankara Buddha
Dipankara Buddha SOLD!
Gold Silver Gilt Bronze 16"H
Goddess Tara SOLD!
Iron Buddha 7.5"H
Laughing Buddha SOLD!
Buddha Statue, 13.5"H
Dragon Kuanyin IĐ SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 8"H
Goddess Tara SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 20"H
Seated Tara SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 15.5"H
Javanese Shiva SOLD!
Buddha Statue 23"H
Kubera Jambhala SOLD!
Sino Tibetan Statue 13"H
Yab Yum Buddha SOLD!
Buddha Statue 8.5"H
Quanyin in Hand SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 27"H
Oni Lifting Censer SOLD!
Tibetan Statue 12"H
Kannon SOLD!
Buddha Statue 5"H
Avalokiteshvara SOLD!
Iron Buddha 16"H
Samantabhadra SOLD!
Buddha Statue 14"H
Mahakala Holding Skull Cup SOLD!
Bronze Buddha Statue 15"H
Green Tara SOLD!
Buddha Statue 6.5"H
Hannya Demon Mask SOLD!
Japanese Cast Iron 9"H
Manjushri on Lion SOLD!
Buddha Statue 11"H
Bodhisattva SOLD!
Buddha Statue 4.5"H
Amitayus SOLD!
Buddha Statue, 6"H
Happy Buddha Hotei
Japanese Okimono 11"H
Ming Shakyamuni SOLD!
Bronze Buddha 14"H
Yamataka & Consort SOLD!
Buddha Statue 5.5"H
Shakyamuni SOLD!
Buddha Statue, 4"H
Last BuddhaFuture Buddha

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