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Ming Bronze Lokapala
Lokapala Vaisravana
Chinese Ming Bronze 20"H

Lingzhi Dragon
Dragon Reishi
Carved Ganodema 7"W
Lotus Sutra Votive Shrine
Lotus Sutra Shrine
Japanese Wood Statue 9"L
Pensive Maitreya
Pensive Maitreya
Japanese Bronze Buddha 19"H
Krishna Dancing on Kaliya
Krishna on Kaliya
Hindu Bronze 16"H
Meiji Bronze Nude Bather
Okazaki Sessei Bather
Meiji Bronze Figure
Antique Tang Kuan Yin
Tang Style Kuan Yin
Buddha Statue 24"H
Han Zhongli
Taoist Immortal
Huangyang Wood Carving 18"H
Dancing Shiva Nataraja
Dancing Shiva Nataraja
Hindu Bronze Statue 35"H
Yali Wood Strut
Yali Pillar Strut
Hindu Wood Carving 24"H
Ming Bronze Quan Yin
Quan Yin
Ming Bronze Buddha 14"H
Satsuma Vase
Meiji ladies
Satsumav Vase 12"H
Edo Dragon Censer
Dragon Koro
Edo Bronze Censer 21"H
Kannon Zushi Shrine
Koyasu Kannon Zushi
Lacquered Traveling Shrine

Antique Buddha statues in our collection have served as objects of contemplation, meditation and worship in temples and home shrines over several centuries in many parts of the world. A great range of imagery proliferated as Buddhism infused the spiritual consciousness of the East. A Chinese Buddha can express fecundity and earthy humor, a Thai Buddha is formal and reserved, a Tibetan Buddha may be especially horrific in depicting wrathful deities. The beauty of these works and their power to aid mindfulness is in the unique character of each piece, experienced as a personal connection. It is said that when one feels drawn to a particular statue, one has found one’s yidam, or personal meditation deity. The Buddha Museum web site consists of nearly two thousand pages of devotional objects in stone, bronze, wood and ivory. Though we highly value the beauty and artistry of these works, it is the teachings from the spiritual traditions that we cherish.

Just as philosophy becomes a way of life only when it is put into action, the Buddha essence in a statue arises only when it is contemplated. To meditate upon Buddha's image is to become aware of our Buddha nature, which is nothing other than the complete realization of one's own original, immutable self.



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